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C section bag checklist

It’s the final stretch and you are wondering, what should I pack in hospital bag for delivery? Not only are you giving birth, but you have to pack for a 'bae-cation.' But, no daiquiri's this time... just yet. Ditch the bikini and floppy sun hat (for now). Here is our guide to packing the essentials for you and baby on your big day!


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Vaginal Delivery and C Section Checklist for You

We know how hectic Mom Life can be. Preparing for labor and delivery checklist is our specialty. That's why we made this overnight hospital stay packing list for you! Here is an easy checklist of things to do before going to hospital before delivery (we even linked some of our founder's and staff's all-time faves).

You are going to want a duffel bag to put all of your essentials in, duh. So of course, our founder made sure to suggest the same one she uses (great for after-delivery and a gym bag, too)!

It’s getting hot in here… so take off-... you know the rest.  Bring an easily attachable fan, it is a lifesaver and can easily be wrapped around the hospital bed (or at home!).

Make sure to snag an extra-long charger. You’re going to want to document everything!

No cold or swollen feet here. Make sure to pack extra thick grippy socks! Hospital socks can be slightly uncomfortable. The ones listed here are sooo comfy and can be used for everyday!

Don't forget your favorite snacks! Stock up with those cravings. Maybe throw some sushi in there for afterward… maybe a little bit of champagne to celebrate!

It’s like freshman year of college all over again  (without that weird dormmate). Shower shoes are a must; you don’t want to go barefoot in that hospital shower… trust us… shivers.

This all-natural chapstick guarantees soft and hydrating lips! Put one in your purse, diaper bag, hospital bag—you name it. It’s a staple here.

You’ll need a good travel skincare setWhere else will you keep your Tummy Butter, Luxe-Mama, Acne Bundle and other favorite Spoiled Mama products? Easy to pack and easy to carry!

A speaker for your pushin’ playlist! Our playlist includes: Push It by Salt-N-Pepa, any Beyonce song, Let’s Get It Started in Here by the Black Eyed Peas, and anything that gets you hyped up!

After all the beautiful photos you take, you'll want a clean makeup remover when it is time to wind down. This one is recommended and is used by staff!

Of course, you’ll want your other bathroom/everyday essentials like your toothbrush/toothpaste, shampoo/conditioner, your emotional support water bottle, a washcloth, and hairbrush/hair ties.

Get comfortable with an ideal maternity pajama set. That way, it's there for easy nursing in the middle of the night. They also have a huge variety of styles to choose from! Don't forget to spoil yourself with this soft and lightweight robe. Trust us, you'll want to be comfortable.

If you want to ditch the pajamas and opt-in for something else, a nursing tank or a nursing bra is great too! You’ll need a going home outfit, Mama. As for undergarments, this is totally up to your preference, but comfortability is key!

We know you have your phone to take digital prints, but a Polaroid or disposable camera could be nice to capture those special moments and to have a physical copy!

Depending if you are at a hospital and what they may provide, you might want to bring your own blanket.

A breastfeeding pillow, is a GAME CHANGER & will do wonders in the hospital and beyond!

For some more C-Secition aftercare, read our blog here.


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Hospital Bag for Baby

You're bringing a new human into the world (yay!), and you’ll want to pack something for them. It feels like your baby will need everything and nothing much at the same time. Here are some things that our founder, Tamara, brought and what she found helpful on her big day.

You’ll need newborn diapers or perhaps cloth diapers if you prefer.

Don't forget your super cute 'first outfit.' Everyone is anticipating those photos! Bring a few choices and any accessories you want for his/her pictures. Double-check with your doctor or nurse to get an estimate on baby's size so you know what sizes to bring!

Bringing formula is a great option to have on hand if you are choosing not to breastfeed or if your milk supply is not quite flowing yet.

Use this gripe water to help your baby ease their stomach discomfort from gas, fussiness and hiccups!

We hope our list helps ease your mind, Mama! Feel free to comment so other Mama’s can see what you brought for your big day.

Running out of time? Whether you are having a vaginal delivery or a c section, here is a quick notes version of all items listed above and their links:


Are you packed, Mama? What other items will you be bringing? (Besides the baby, hehe).

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