Double Duty Pregnancy Skin Care (Part 2 of 2)

Double Duty Pregnancy Skin Care Part of 2

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Did you know that our Tummy Butter for stretch marks also helps heal cesarean section scars? Or that our organic Nipple Butter helps dry, cracked nipples and diaper rashes? Part one of our guide on alternate uses for Spoiled Mama pregnancy skincare products revealed that our pregnancy safe cleanser makes a wonderful moisturizing mask, and (my favorite discovery!) that you can help prevent ingrown hairs and ensure a smooth shave by using our sugar stretch mark scrub. If you have any tips of your own, LET US KNOW!

 Double Duty: Pregnancy Skin Care Multiple Ways

BalanC Pregnancy safe toner AKA Makeup Setter and Face Spritzer

Our pregnancy safe toner is a great way to remove excess dirt and oil that still clogs pore after cleansing. Plus, it smells really, really good. (We recommend this all natural toner, which is the most refreshing mist of geranium-infused toner water!)

But it gets better. One of the first tips I learned on the job is that our toners make a great "face refresher," especially on a hot summer day or after a night of, ahem -- staying out. On mornings when I need extra help shaking off AM grogginess, a few spritzes on my face helps me welcome the day.
Additionally, our pregnancy safe toner helps set your makeup, especially if you use loose minerals. After you're done beautifying, spray a light mist on your face and let it dry (aka "set") into your skin.

Tummy Butter Lotion to Prevent Stretch Marks AKA All-Purpose Heavy Duty Moisturizer

As we mentioned above, our pregnancy lotion to prevent stretch marks (stretch mark removal cream) helps heal and fade the appearance of c-section scars. But this stretch mark lotion has even broader uses!

Made with cocoa butter, Tummy Butter does wonders on any part of the body that is dry, cracked or flakey. Whenever my hands or feet are completely dried out, I like to slather them in the cream and cover the area with socks or gloves for the night. I usually do this before bedtime so that by the time morning comes, my skin is freshly renewed, soft and supple.

Nipstick Nipple Cream AKA All-Around Itch Reliever

The next time you have a rash or hives, don't put out extra money for hydrocortisone cream or an antihistamine. Reach into the cabinet for your Nipstick sore nipple cream, which is formulated with extract from calendula petals.
The bright yellow flower, a relative of the daisy, is a traditional herbal remedy that has been used to relieve itchy skin. Slather on our creme to help naturally relieve eczema, poison ivy, and even insect bites.
As a personal anecdote, I was at The Spoiled Mama offices when my bout with scarlet fever (which I was unaware I had at the time) broke out into a rash across my chest and arms. Desperate, I reached for our Nipstick for core nipples and to my great surprise (and relief!), the calendula worked its magic within minutes.
Tell us Mama how you have used our products for other purposes!
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