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Cute ways to tell husband your pregnant

You took the test, and you saw those two faint lines… then you took 10 more. Excited (and maybe a little scared), you immediately want to tell your friends and family. But how are you going to do it? There are so many ways to announce your pregnancy to your loved ones or on social media. Maybe you want to figure out  cute ways to tell your husband you're pregnant. If you have no idea where to start, don't worry! Here is some inspo or better yet, steal these ideas!

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 Pregnancy Announcement Posts and Captions

We know social media can be a big deal these days, and your pregnancy might not feel real until you post about it.  

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You can never go wrong with a letter board post. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We have also seen the trending newspaper announcements if you want a more modern look! A simple yet modern twist on announcing your new baby to be.

 If you plan on keeping it simple, you can always opt for a photo of your ultrasound. Surround it with photo accessories like flowers, a cake, sweet treats, your dog or another animal in the household holding the photo with its mouth, or something that represents you and your partner!

 Picture this: an empty wine glass, the beach, a picnic, and your ultrasound photo with the caption “Do not refill until (Month)(Year)” 

If you're an avid coffee drinker… “It’s time to spill the beans… baby (last name) (#__) is brewing!”

For funny captions, here are some of our faves: “New roommate expected (month) (year),” “Looking forward to a new tax deduction in (year)!,” “I like big bumps, and I can not lie,” "We're going to need a bigger car," & "No, really... this is the last one."

For more than one kiddo we love these ideas: “Soon to be family of (number),” “ ‘Big Brother’ – they say it’s a promotion, but all I see is no pay raise & more responsibility,” “Only child expires (month) (year),” “We figured that since the kids are sleeping through the night, all heading off to school in the fall, and we got rid of absolutely every baby thing we own for the 2nd time… we might as well start all over again! Baby #4 coming in (month),” “Pink or blue, either will do – we’re expecting – baby #2.”

Other sneaky ways to announce pregnancy are leading a scavenger hunt for your family (works great with littles), dropping settle hints on social media, or in-person, or plan a surprise photoshoot! Let's see you get clever, Mama! 😉

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Fun Ways to Tell Older Siblings about Your Pregnancy

Before you can post on your social media, the best part is telling your other littles and/or family members in person! Don’t feel like you need to rush it, Mama. Some kiddos aren’t too familiar with the concept of time (just yet), and waiting until the second trimester or late first trimester can help your little one visualize.

Depending on their age(s), some fun ways to tell older siblings about pregnancy is having them read a "Big Sister" book, or giving them a cute shirt to wear. 

Telling them with a baby doll, or other toy they are interested in may help them understand, too.

Creating a custom Big Sister/Brother book together and showing them how awesome it is to be an older sibling! Reading it as a family can gather excitement (and lots of questions)!

You can take them to your ultrasound appointment or show them the photo and have them try to depict what the photo represents. 

Watching a movie about babies like, Storks, Boss Baby and so many more. 

A more engaging way can be filling out what is called, a 'Baby Order' form. It is a fun way to get your kiddo more involved, have a better understanding, and to enhance that excitement! It's a free download too. 

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Birth Announcements on Social Media

Baby is here! After one of the most rewarding & toughest experiences in your life, you soak up every moment with the new love of your life. After your settled and shared the exciting news with family and friends- it’s time to let the rest of the world know there is a new life (brag on, Mama)!

There are so many ways to announce your new addition to your fam on social media. If you are into using props and accessories, then these ideas are totally you, Mama.

Using props with their names on it (like shown above) is classic and straight to the point! 

ic:Birth announcement ideas for girls

For girls:
Using floral arrangements, headbands, anything that represents you as a Mama. Even a boho inspired look with your baby girl is just as precious! Some colors you can include are pinks, whites, pastels, and some earthy tones. You can’t forget wooden signs, or a stuffy to really add to that picture.

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 For boys:
Sport props, dad’s tie and/watch, something that represents dad (or mom), or incorporate their name if able to! Some colors to include are grays, blues, whites, blacks and earthy tones!

Need some baby shower themes? Click here.

So many sneaky ways to announce your pregnancy! How will you just choose one?? Try them all out to see what best fits your family and what feels right. Congratulations!


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