Product Questions

Is The Spoiled Mama safe for me and my baby? How are your products different?

We are 100% toxin-free, and proud of it! Before adding any ingredient into our products, we scour through scientific studies, consult with OBGYNs, and reference the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and international legislation to make sure YOU get the very best.

Our products are without: sulfates (SLS/SLES), parabens, synthetic fragrances, petroleum derivatives or mineral oil, phthalates, nanoparticles, triclosan, formaldehyde or formaldehyde carriers, TEA, PEG, DEA and animal testing or by-products.


Why are your products so expensive?

Great question and we understand that our product prices range in the high end. We use only the finest ingredients we can find. Each product contains oils that are proven to help your skin.

For example, our Tummy Butter and Bump Gloss each contain significant amounts of Seabuckthorn oil that are known to help with growing/stretching skin. This oil alone is over $1,000 for a gallon. Another favored oil in our products is Tamanu oil. This oil is cold-pressed to make a greenish-yellow oil. It takes 100 kilograms of tamanu fruit, the amount that one tree produces annually, to yield just 5 kilograms of cold-pressed oil!

These are only 2 of the cold-pressed oils that we use in our products. We also practice responsible manufacturing, source ingredients ONLY from sustainable farmers and use recyclable packaging. Even our shipping peanuts are made from biodegradable potato starch, so we can help ensure a brighter future for generations to come.

In addition, our proprietary pregnancy skincare products are WITHOUT harsh preservatives, synthetic fragrances, phthalates, parabens, sulfates, and other icky toxins

I hope this helps give you insight as to why our products may cost more than Palmers or something else on the market. It similar to why organic veggies and fruit cost more, or why a bottle of wine can cost more than another.

Are your products tested on animals?

Don’t worry Mama, we love our cuddly, furry friends as much as you do! We do not test on animals, nor do we have any animal byproducts in our formula.

Do you offer samples?

We love samples as much as you do! We offer generous trial size samples of our products available for purchase in our online shop. You can select the sample size here or on the individual product pages.

*Please note samples are not eligible for refunds, exchanges and cannot be redeemed for cash.

What do the icons mean on each product page?

Our handy usage icons are meant to guide Mamas through their maternity skin care journey. When you see these icons, it’s an assurance the product will be safe to use at that stage of motherhood.

  • pregnancyPregnancy
  • Post PartumPostpartum
  • BreastfeedingBreastfeeding
  • Safe for BabyBaby

Please note this is just a general guide, as pregnancy affects all moms differently. If you have further questions, please consult with your OBGYN to confirm which product will work best for you!.

I’m early in my pregnancy. When do I begin using your stretch mark products?

Congrats on your pregnancy! The truth is you’re never too early to begin taking care of your skin. Why? Because all skincare (even the ones containing unicorn tears) can’t give you magical results instantly. To jumpstart the complex process of adding elasticity to your skin, we recommend using our Bump Gloss Stretch Mark Oil and Tummy Butter for Stretch Marks as soon as you know you’re expecting.

How much product will I need during my pregnancy?

That’s a really difficult and personal question to answer, Mama. It’s like us asking how many burritos you plan to eat during your pregnancy. Like, it all depends, and the question itself is a little unfair, right? (Because, how dare you make me place a limit on my burrito consumption?)

Anyway. The answer is: it depends. It depends on how far along you are, whether you’re carrying multiples, experiencing targeted or all over weight gain, whether your skin feels sufficiently moisturized with a dollop of cream, or if you like to grease yourself up like a beautiful, juicy burrito.

Be real with me. Can I REALLY prevent or fade my stretch marks?

While some insist stretch marks are unavoidable, we truly believe you can do your darndest to help prevent and fade your new stretch marks. However, Mamas must be proactive and consistent with their skin care, fitness, diet, and hydration to give your body its best chance at bouncing back after birth.

Along with choosing the very best toxin-free stretch mark products, we encourage you to consult your OBGYN on a healthy weight gain plan, keeping active, and consuming a nutritious skin diet full of Omega-3’s and vitamins A, C and E.

Where were you when I had my baby five years ago? Can your stretch mark products help me now?

Oh Mama, we feel your pain. If we had a time machine, we’d definitely go back to drop off some Tummy Butter under your pillow. However, stretch marks are very much like wounds or scars: the earlier you treat them, the better they’ll be.

In the case of stretch marks, new ones that are raised in texture and red/purple in color is prime time for treatment. However, once they’ve healed over into scar tissue (silvery white), it will be very hard for any topical solution to help -- especially gentle, toxin-free solutions like ours.

Can I use your products if I’m not pregnant?

Yes, of course. Our products don’t discriminate. If you’ve got skin, you’re in!

The advantage of using our products is they feature safe, toxin-free ingredients without sacrificing quality or effectiveness. With gentle formulas, our products are great for anyone concerned with green beauty, ingredient safety, and sensitive skin.

Are your products safe for breastfeeding moms?

Yes Mama, ALL our products are safe for breastfeeding moms; however, please follow the directions for each product. For example, our Fix that Sucker Nipstick is made with 100% toxin-free ingredients and lanolin-free, which means it’s safe for baby’s consumption. For other products, please avoid the nipple area where baby directly feeds.

What’s the shelf life of your products?

Our PAO (Period After Opening) is 6-9 months, depending on the product. Due to the organic nature and minimal use of preservatives in our products, we feel safe that our products have a shelf life of one year; however, the PAO time is less. We hope our moms will be using our products and returning for more before the period after opening becomes an issue.

What are the white dots in my Nipstick?

The little dots or flecks in the Nipstick come from the shea butter in our formula. When shea butter experiences a change in temperature, it’s texture may change, but its effectiveness remains the same. Rest assured when it comes into contact with skin, it will quickly melt upon contact.

This is common with most products that are organic, all-natural and do not contain harmful preservatives. Our Nipstick is safe for you and baby, and does not need to be rinsed off prior to nursing

I think the pump on my serum is broken. How do I get my product out?

Our serums are packaged in an innovative airless pump delivery system. With this revolutionary packaging, a diaphragm evacuates the product, ensuring 99.9% of the product will be used. This makes our packaging more "green" and sustainable with less waste.

Important: Do not open the bottle. By letting air in, you are interfering with the airless delivery and no product will pump out. Put the top back on and tap the bottom of the bottle on the back of your palm or flat surface 5-10 times. Now pump a few times slowly. Repeat the tap and pump process. You are trying to "burp" the air out by tapping.

Pumping too fast may cause air bubbles, so go slow. If after a few tries with no success, unwind a paperclip and place it in the small hole at the bottom of the bottle. Remember, do not open the bottle. Gently push the paperclip into the hole to force the air up and out of the bottle. Then slowly pump a few times. Notice the elevator-type action that will push up the product as it's pumped. This is why the pump is shorter than usual. It is not broken or damaged. Pump slowly, and enjoy!