Safe Pregnancy Skincare: Organic & Toxin-Free

The Spoiled Mama provides simple, honest pregnancy skincare products for all pregnant women from the first trimester to fourth.

Let's face it. Growing a human isn't easy, and on those days, The Spoiled Mama is here for you so you can relax and enjoy these precious months.

Whether you’re battling stretch marks, morning sickness & nausea, pregnancy acne or low breastmilk production, our pregnancy skincare treatments ensure you receive the safest pregnancy skincare available.
We are known to offer the safest pregnancy stretch marks treatments, nourishing belly oils, hydrating  safe body lotion during pregnancy - fav Tummy Butter, pregnancy teas, a labor prep tea, pregnancy safe acne treatments, breastfeeding teas & sore nipple cream. We have you covered from your first trimester to your fourth.
From seabuckthorn oil to hyaluronic acid, the effective, non-toxic skincare ingredients in each of our pregnancy skincare products are proven to improve the appearance of oily, hormonal acne prone skin, stretch marks, c-section scars, postpartum skin texture and help fade dark spots, caused by melasma (mask of pregnancy). Our ingredients are so gentle that you won't need to worry about having dry, itchy skin and you can focus on that “glowing” pregnancy skin tone you always imagined!
All of our pregnancy safe skin care products use ingredients deemed safe for topical use during pregnancy and have been tested extensively without animal testing. The Spoiled Mama understands that it is difficult for moms-to-be to find time to pamper themselves but thanks to the organic and non-toxic pregnancy skincare products by The Spoiled Mama it is easy. Our entire collection of products and pregnancy gifts is made of The Spoiled Mama’s top pregnancy skincare products to help soothe the expecting mother’s mind and body.

The Spoiled Mama addresses all skin care concerns of pregnant women, as well as 3rd and  4th trimester who are postpartum & breastfeeding/lactating. We are dedicated to providing pregnancy safe skincare products and pregnancy gift baskets that contain safe ingredients during pregnancy and sensitive enough for your changing skin conditions during pregnancy yet effective enough to promote a beautiful healthy “pregnancy glow”.
Our proprietary pregnancy skin care products are WITHOUT harsh preservatives, synthetic fragrances, phthalates, parabens, sulfates and other icky toxins that may give little Charlotte 12 toes. (But what if she gets Aunt Ira’s hook nose? Well, we can’t help you there.)
If you believe, as we do, that every great new mom must take care of herself first, with an amazing  pregnancy skincare routine say this aloud:
I'm a Spoiled Mama. And I deserve to be!