Baby Boot Camp: A Q&A on Pregnancy & Postpartum Fitness

Baby Boot Camp: A Q&A on Pregnancy & Postpartum Fitness
As a lifelong fitness lover and mommy of 2, I'll let you in on a little secret: it IS possible to stay fit during and after pregnancy. Like with all exercise (and pregnancy skin care), it's all about having realistic expectations, consistency and finding something you really love. 
For me, it was Baby Boot Camp. This growing nationwide program is led by certified fitness professionals that help new mommies tackle pregnancy and postpartum fitness in a fun and supportive environment. Best of all: bumps and babies are welcome!
We sat down with Lillian Lee, the franchise owner & instructor of Bay Area Baby Boot Camp, to learn about mommy fitness and how BBC can help you achieve HOT MAMA status.
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TSM: Is it important for moms to keep fit during pregnancy? Why?
Lee: Provided that your pregnancy is not high-risk and you have received approval from your physician, there are so many great benefits of staying fit during your pregnancy! To name a few:
  • Helps prepare the body for the labor & birth process Leaves you feeling more energized & refreshed
  • Helps to decrease complications in the pregnancy especially gestational diabetes
  • Speedier postpartum recovery

What are the most challenging aspects of getting fit after child birth, and how does attending Baby Boot Camp address these concerns?
Finding time for yourself to exercise and getting good nutrition especially when you are sleep deprived! We offer classes nationwide and has consistent schedules and programs to fit your needs!
TSM: How is Baby Boot Camp different from going to a gym or working out on your own? 
Lee: BBC offers personalized training in a small group setting while having your baby/toddler along for the workout. It is definitely more fun and motivating to workout in a supportive environment with others.

TSM: Your location offers the Strollfit Classes, which is the most popular BBC class. Can you tell us more about it?
Classes include a combination of strength training and cardiovascular exercises while using resistance bands, the stroller and even babies as part of the workout. Mat exercises focus on strengthening the abdominals and low/upper back areas. Moms will get a complete body workout!


TSM: Many Mamas who have newborns say they'd love to get fit, but don't have time in their schedule or [insert another excuse] -- what do you say to them?  
Any exercise is better than none. Thirty minutes on most days is ideal but if you only have ten minutes to spare, start with that and work your way up.

Shorter bouts of exercise are also just as effective! It’s easy to incorporate exercise even at home while doing chores. The kitchen countertops are perfect for pushups!  While standing and washing the dishes, try calf raises!   
If you want to learn more about BBC and find a location nearest you, check out the official Baby Boot Camp site. To learn more about Lillian and see pics of her Mamas kicking butt, head on over to their website. Remember: your first class is FREE!

How do YOU tackle pregnancy & postpartum fitness? What are your biggest tips & challenges? Share with other moms below!

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