Step-by-step skin care: What order to apply facial products

Step-by-step skin care: What order to apply facial products

Whether you're pregnant or not, this is an article every woman needs to read. There's a common beauty mistake many women -- and even skin care specialists -- are guilty of. Even when you've done thorough research to find the perfect pregnancy skin care products, the products are rendered useless if you apply them out of order. That's right, if you're applying skincare in the wrong sequence, you're wasting time, effort and money!

Does the order of skincare applied really matter?

Not only does the order matter, but the timing between application is equally important! Using skincare in sequential order ensures you receive the full benefits of each product. Order becomes especially important when we break down the ingredients of each product to their very molecules. For instance, the tiny molecules of your pricey serum don't hold a chance of crossing the barrier of a heavy cream; therefore the serum (and all its goodness) will sit on top of the moisturizer, basically doing -- well, nothing! Womp, womp.

What order should I apply facial products?

Basically, you want to move from thinnest to thickest; from water-based to oil-based products. Keep in mind everyone's skin has different needs, so listen to what your skin tells you and adjust your routine accordingly. Here's a quickie guide to your step-by-step skin care routine:

1) Cleanser. Choose a gentle, water-soluble cleanser to remove makeup, debris, and oil. A clean surface will help your facial products work effectively.

2) Toner. Many people skip the toner, but it actually removes dirt left over by your cleanser, any remaining traces of makeup and -- according to the formula -- provide your freshened face with vitamins, antioxidants, and botanicals. Allow toner to air dry on your face. This usually takes just under a minute. Tip: We love this pregnancy safe acne toner as an all-purpose skin freshener.

3) Spot treatment or medicated creams. Any prescription medications, anti-aging creams, and spot treatments should be applied closest to the skin for maximum potency. Here's the time to tackle any unsightly blemishes and treat fine lines.  Allow treatment at least five minutes before applying the next layer.

4) Serums. Nutrient-rich serums are also best near the skin. If you have multiple serums, work your way from lightest (liquids) to gels, then cream formulas. Tip: Our bestselling pregnancy serums can be used as an alternative acne treatment during pregnancy and effective treatment for melasma.

5) Eye cream (optional/night time only). Eye creams are special serums made for your eye area, which is especially delicate and needs extra TLC as you age. Eye creams are recommended during the evening, as their thicker formula needs time to penetrate the skin.

6) Moisturizer. Moisturizers, usually thickest, go on last. They are designed to sink in slower and lock in the skin's moisture during the day or night. 

7) Facial oil (optional). If your skin is especially dry, use a facial oil to give your skin a boost! Rich in nutrients, a good facial oil helps soften, smooth and hydrate. We love using our Bump Gloss pregnancy stretch mark oil when our facial skin needs extra lovin'.

8) Sunscreen with SPF 30+ (for daytime). Sunscreen goes on last. Apply in the morning, before your makeup, to make sure your skin receives proper protection from the sun.

What are your favorite facial skincare items? What does your routine look like? Share below!

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