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The Spoiled Mama Gift Guide: Pregnancy skincare for every mom

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The most stressful part of the holidays, arguably, is the pressure of hunting down that perfect gift: one that is thoughtful; practical, yet has a certain degree of fun, beauty or whimsy. It's a tall order, and every year we get befuddled dads and gift-givers who need help figuring out the best holiday gifts for new moms. Well, breathe easy, holiday shoppers! We've put together a guide to help you find pregnancy gifts under $20mom to be gifts and new mom gifts. What will Santa bring the special Mama in your life? 


For the Mama who loves shower time

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For the lady who is part mermaid, check out Luxe-Mama, sulfate free body wash ($18 retail, now $16.50). This foamy organic body wash for expecting moms is toxin-free and gets its rich lather from coconut and sugar derived surfactants. Moms will love its calming lavender-vanilla scent. Include Indulge body polish for pregnancy stretch marks, which is great for expecting and postpartum moms. For pregnant moms, it soothes itchy bellies while helping prevent stretch marks. For new mothers, this organic sugar scrub rejuvenates tired postpartum bodies and battles stretch marks while she sheds post-baby pounds. Throw in a pair of shower exfoliating gloves to make this the perfect new mom gift!

For the stylish Mama who loves her heels

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 If your expecting mom is anything like Meghan Markle, she'll probably be wearing pumps well into her pregnancy -- a belly bump won't keep this fashionista down! If this sounds like your Mama, reach for Happy Legs: Aloe & Cucumber Leg Gel for Swollen Legs & Feet ($24 retail, now $21.60). The refreshing formula was developed to treat edema or swollen legs and feet during pregnancy; however, its effective formula will be a godsend to your stylish mom. Just ask designer Michi Marshall, wife of Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall, who uses our aloe leg gel to soothe her pregnancy feet after a long day in heels...and carrying twins!

For the newly pregnant Mama

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 For a Mama who is newly pregnant, we've put together the Bump Bag Bliss ($53 value, now $49) just for her! The gift set for new moms includes our signature Bump Gloss stretch mark oil and Tummy Butter stretch marks lotion to help take care of her growing bump. Exfoliating gloves and an adorable silver holiday bag makes this the perfect new mom gift.

For the breastfeeding Mama

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If your Mama is nursing, organic breastfeeding products are a MUST. Since toxins Mama eats or applies on her skin can make its way into baby's body, your nursing mom will love The Spoiled Mama's Breast Milk Boost breastfeeding tea and Fix that Sucker Nipstick. Unlike other nipple cream you may find on the shelves, our Nipstick nipple butter eliminates germs and contamination with its easy push-up tube for fuss-free application.

For the on-the-go Mama

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If you have Mama who's on-the-go like Carrie Underwood, she's going to adore our Motherlode Beauty Tote BundleThis amazing bundle gives Mama everything she needs: Tummy Butter cream for stretch marks, Happy Legs massaging gel for pregnant moms, Bump Gloss stretch mark oil and Luxe-Mama body wash for expecting moms. It's slim profile makes this easy to fit in her purse, hospital bag, suitcase or welcome-home bag. Stick this kit in her stocking for smiles all around!

For the growing Mama

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Expecting Mamas such as Amy Schumer need extra lovin' for growing, stressed skin. For a limited time, we've bundled our best-selling stretch mark skin care to bring you the Stretch Mark Prevention Trio ($106 retail, now $98). The trio consists of our Bump Gloss stretch mark oil, Tummy Butter stretch marks lotion and Indulge body polish for pregnancy stretch marks.

So there you have it! How will you spoil your Mama this holiday?

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