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Can vitamin C enhance your pregnancy glow?

Can vitamin C enhance your pregnancy glow?
Growing up, we always heard how important vitamin C is for our bones; however, did you know it can make your pregnancy skin ah-maz-ing?

Whether you're looking to brighten skin, have healthier hair or maintain your pregnancy glow, here are four reasons to reach for the vitamin C!

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1) Its powerful antioxidants: Vitamin C is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants that fight against free radicals that bombard our skin. Daily exposure to pollution, UV light and cigarette smoke can speed up aging, and vitamin C is a proven way to combat the damage. For every day use, we recommend a toner safe for pregnancy, like our BalanC 2% vitamin C spray -- it's a staff fave!

2) Brighten skin: If you're looking to lighten hyperpigmentation or brighten your overall appearance, add vitamin C to your skin care regimen. Studies suggest topical application of vitamin C can help reverse brown spots and wrinkles caused by sun damage. Need extra help with stubborn pregnancy dark spots? Pair with a toxin-free pigment suppressor, like kojic acid to get the best treatment for melasma.

3) Create new, more elastic skin: Our bodies use vitamin C to make collagen, the protein that creates new skin cells and repairs damaged tissue. Collagen boosts elasticity, making it an essential part of a pregnant and postpartum Mama's beauty routine. Just pair vitamin C-rich foods with our toxin-free belly butter or stretch mark oil for maximum stretch mark prevention!

4) Maintain a thick mane: One pregnancy perks is less hair shedding, which means the appearance of a more beautiful, luscious mane for the expectant Mama. However, postpartum moms who wish to maintain that gorgeous hair can do so with the help of vitamin C. Reaching for foods rich in vitamin C or taking supplements can lead to thicker hair.  A vitamin C deficiency is also associated with dry hair and split ends, which can increase breakage and hair loss.

What's your favorite way to get your vitamin C? How do you incorporate it in your pregnancy skin care regimen? Share below!

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