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Flying while pregnant: Top travel skin care tips

Flying while pregnant: Top travel skin care tips

With the summer travel bug catching on across the nation, we know a lot of pregnant Mamas are wondering how they'll survive the exhausting travel from point A to point B.

So before you head to the airport, here are our top skin-saving tips for flying Mamas!

Skin Care MUSTS while traveling pregnant

Problem: Dry, itchy skin.

The cabin air in airplanes is notorious for leaving passengers feeling pruney and dehydrated. For pregnant Mamas, this can lead to itchy, irritated bellies and scaliness all over.

Solution: Drink plenty of water to keep your insides hydrated, even if it means waddling to the tiny toilets every 30 minutes (hope you have an aisle seat, Mama!). And since scratching itchy skin can lead to stretch marks, pack a lush belly butter to reapply when necessary.

Problem: Cramped, swollen legs. 

Lengthy flights are gonna do nothing for your swollen pregnancy legs and feet. With little to no movement, your pregnancy cankles will surely act up as blood circulation halts below the waist.

Solution: Get up and move! Once it's safe to do so, get the blood flowin' with some simple exercises. Try walking back and forth, flexing your feet and rotating your ankles. If you're wearing loose-fitting clothes, a skirt or shorts, bring an aloe leg gel to help relieve swollen feet during pregnancy.

Problem: Dry eyes. 

Dry cabin air can also lead to irritated, red or sore eyes. This is especially true if you wear contact lenses.

Solution: Saline drops can be a lifesaver during long flights. Pack in your purse or carry-on for easy access.

Problem: Dull, lifeless face.

The stress of traveling can sap the life from your skin, especially on long haul flights where you can't properly wash your face.

Solution: If traveling has taken away your pregnancy glow, keep a packet of facial wipes on hand. Wet toilettes are the perfect travel companion when you need to quickly cleanse your face.

Follow with a pregnancy moisturizer, a few spritzes of a hydrating toner (I love BalanC from our pregnancy skin care collection), and voila -- that lovely glow is back!

What's on your beauty checklist while traveling? Share your tips and tricks below!

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