Travel during pregnancy: Six essentials to pack

Travel during pregnancy: Six essentials to pack

Whether you're planning a weekender or three-week cruise to the Caribbean, traveling while pregnant means taking extra precaution to make sure your necessities are met.

Before you hit the road, here's our pregnancy travel checklist. Bon voyage, Mama!

Six essentials to pack while traveling pregnant

Prenatal vitamins

It's crucial to stay on top of your prenatal vitamins, for your health and your baby's development. Pack a pillbox to get stay organized and avoid crushed pills.

Important medical info

Before a long trip, consult with your doctor to find an OB/GYN and hospital in your travel area. Put together a sheet that includes pertinent medical information, such as prescriptions, allergies, blood type and more.

Toxin-free pregnancy skin care

Don't compromise your skin care routine while traveling. Most hotel products are full of toxins that you want to be careful to avoid. Order one of our Best of Bump Box Sampler pregnancy gift set (on sale for $18), which features trial sizes of your favorite tummy butter for stretch mark, oil for pregnant belly and aloe leg gel for swollen feet and ankles treatment. For shorter trips, our mini pregnancy spa treatment (on sale for $5.25), which includes a pregnancy body wash. And of course, always bring your sunscreen!

On-the-go snacks

Don't let the munchies get you down! Traveling can be draining, which means pregnant Mamas should always have snacks on hand for that extra bit of energy. We recommend healthy bites like nuts, power bars or fruit.

Doctor-approved meds

Be prepared for any emergency. Pack an assortment of doctor-approved meds that you may need during the trip, including pain relievers and antacids for that nasty pregnancy heartburn.

Comfy flats

Nothing ruins a trip faster than achey feet. Unfortunately pregnancy cankles are a very real thing. Treat your gams to an aloe leg gel for pregnancy swollen feet relief, and opt for comfortable ballet flats or sandals. We swear by our Crocs, which stretch in warm weather to conform to your matter how puffy they are!

Have a trip coming up? What's on YOUR pregnancy travel checklist? Share below!

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