Babymoon ideas + tips for the pregnant couple

Babymoon ideas + tips for the pregnant couple
Amid all the baby fuss, we're firm believers pregnant Mamas and their partners deserve one last hurrah before baby arrives.

And with summer officially here, what better time to start planning a romantic babymoon? If getting out of bed seems like a chore, here is an easy guide to planning that perfect pregnancy getaway!

Planning a babymoon vacation? Here are the best tips for that perfect getaway before the baby arrives!

1) Timing is everything. Since first trimesters are often plagued with morning sickness and traveling in your third trimester is often discouraged, aim to take that relaxin' babymoon during your second trimester in weeks 14 through 28. Otherwise, fill your luggage with morning sickness tea and take your chances!

2) Take it easy. Even though it's your last pre-baby vacay, this isn't the time to go zip lining through Costa Rica or roughing it up Bear Grylls-style. Make realistic plans about how far you can travel, look for nonstop flights and minimize travel times.

3) Scope out pregnancy-safe activities and services. When considering a babymoon destination, scope out local pregnancy-friendly activities you can participate in. Perhaps there's a thriving art and music scene, great restaurants or beautiful parks to explore. Check out local event calendars for fun workshops and fairs that may be occurring.

4) Consider a hotel babymoon package. Check out babymoon travel packages that are catered to pampering expectant Mamas. Many babymoon specials include couples' massages, in-room dessert bars, and even photography sessions. When researching spa visits, choose prenatal massage experts who use toxin-free pregnancy skin care products that are safe for your baby. Or better yet -- just bring your own!

5) Check in with the doc. Before booking your trip, talk with your OB to get the green light on your travel plans. This is especially important if you're carrying multiples, or have a high-risk pregnancy.

6) Research hospitals in the area. You and your partner will have a happier vacation knowing medical help is near, should you need it. Bring along important medical papers or phone numbers, just to be prepared and reassured.

Traveling while pregnant? Check out our Six Essentials to Pack and our Top Travel Skin Care Tips.

Planning a babymoon, or have some pregnancy travel tips of your own? We wanna know below!

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