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How to beat eczema...naturally

How to beat eczema...naturally
For those who suffer from eczema -- the itchy, scaly skin condition also known as "atopic dermatitis" -- the upcoming fall and winter chill can trigger painful bouts of dry, itchy skin.

For pregnant & breastfeeding Mamas, lil' tots and green-conscious beauties, finding natural solutions to this skin condition can be tough. Here are our best tips on how to relieve eczema!

ways to cure eczema

Avoid eczema triggers

There are many triggers for eczema, which vary from person to person. To find out which triggers affect you, keep a diary of your flare-ups to keep track of similarities. Here are some common triggers:
  • Cold weather: Cold weather leads to dry skin, which may cause skin to crack and become itchy. Be sure to moisturize frequently and use calming, natural ingredients.
  • Dusty household & pet dander: Dust mites may cause eczema, so be sure to regularly clean your rugs, blinds and carpets. Same goes for linens, bed sheets and curtains.
  • Harsh laundry detergent: Traditional laundry detergent can be chockful of harsh ingredients that can irritate skin. Opt for natural, fragrance-free cleansers.
  • Rough or synthetic clothing: Wool and synthetic fabrics can trigger eczema. Opt for loose-fitting, natural cotton clothes that allow skin to breathe.
  • Stress:  Bouts of stress can cause eczema flare-ups. Keep stress at bay with helpful happiness boosters, like yoga, aromatherapy or (my favorite) YouTube videos of kittens playing.

Natural eczema treatments

A common factor in many eczema triggers is the use of harsh, chemical-laden household, skin and cleaning products. For pregnant or breastfeeding moms and their babes, it should be a top priority to choose toxin-free and/or natural products. To detoxify your skincare regimen, we recommend:
  • Cleanse with a pregnancy safe body wash like The Spoiled Mama's Luxe-Mama, a mild cleanser without sulfates or irritants. Safe for breastfeeding mothers and babies.
  • Avoid chemical exfoliants, which may be too harsh for your sensitive skin. But keep skin naturally glowing and dewy with a natural body polish, like The Spoiled Mama's Indulge sugar scrub for stretch marks.
  • When the inevitable eczema flareup comes 'round, reach for a toxin-free product that's safe for pregnant mothers and their babies. The Spoiled Mama's Nipstick sore nipple cream is an all-purpose cream that does wonders for mild eczema.

From Jennifer, Wisconsin:

"Simply Amazing. I started using (Nipstick) on my daughter's face in the winter (has mild eczema) and overnight her skin is healed. I love it because it's natural and I don't worry whether she licks her lips and ingests some. Hands down it is an amazing product and my go to for any skin healing." 
  • Moisturize daily with a rich moisturizer, especially if you live in a cold or windy place. For daytime use, The Spoiled Mama Bump Gloss stretch mark oil is a fast-drying, light oil blend that helps lock in moisture and protect skin from the elements. At night, we recommend a heavier cream like The Spoiled Mama's Belly Butter. Apply before bedtime for a deeply hydrating experience.

Do you have eczema? What are your triggers, and how have you successfully relieved it?


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