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Unusual Skin Care Ingredients: Spirulina

Unusual Skin Care Ingredients: Spirulina

This month we're spotlighting surprising skin care ingredients that can benefit your skin's overall look and feel. Next up: sea algae for inflammation! 

pregnancy swollen feet relief with spirulina

What is spirulina?

Spirulina is a blue-green algae that grows in fresh and salt water. Known as cyanobacterium, this algae has been long praised for its medicinal use. Before we began putting it in our green smoothies, Aztecs and other Mesoamericans used to eat the stuff to help with digestive disorders and weakened immune systems.

How is spirulina used?

Spirulina is well regarded for its nutritional value, boasting high amounts of protein, B-vitamins,  copper and other nutrients. While we love its value as a superfood, spirulina has wonderful beauty benefits and can be a great addition in skin care products. As a high source of antioxidants, spirulina helps battle free radicals and environmental damage that can prematurely age skin. It also contains chlorophyll, which may strength skin tissues and purge toxins that can lead to acne and troubled skin.

Can spirulina help with swollen pregnancy legs and feet?

With its anti-inflammatory properties, spirulina is a soothing treat that can rejuvenate and repair damaged skin. That's why we paired it with cucumber and aloe for our popular Happy Legs gel. This treatment for swollen feet during pregnancy quickly cools and relieves inflamed skin caused by edema.

pregnancy swollen feet relief

Our favorite part? This multi-use gel is fantastic on sunburned skin, as well!

Have you taken spirulina as a dietary supplement, or used it as a beauty treatment? Share your experiences below!

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