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Old wives tales for pregnancy

Old wives' tales have been passed down from generations since the 14th century (WOW), and for many of those years, women worldwide have been curious if they are actually true. The phrase "old wives' tale" may come from the fact that older women would pass down advice to younger generations in the form of easy-to-remember sayings. The term "wives" comes from the Old English word wif, which means "woman." From old wives' tales to determine if you are pregnant, gender prediction tales, and more, keep reading to see which ones you think (or were) accurate for you.

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Old Wives Tales to See if You Are Pregnant

Hey Mama, let's talk about those age-old fertility myths floating around. You know the ones—eating pineapple core, elevating your hips post-coitus, even the infamous moon cycle. While these tales might make for interesting dinner table conversation, let's remember they're not exactly backed by science. Sure, they might add a bit of fun to the journey, but when it comes down to it, getting pregnant is more about timing, health, and sometimes a little sprinkle of luck. So, while we can enjoy the folklore, let's not let it overshadow the importance of understanding our bodies and seeking evidence-based advice. After all, it's 2024—we've got science on our side. Here are some old wives tales for pregnancy.

Raw honey and cinnamon

        Raw honey contains amino acids that may help with ovarian function, while cinnamon can help with blood flow to organs for reproduction

Cough Syrup

        Cough syrup that contains guaifenesin can thin mucus in your cervix, which can create a more hospitable environment for sperm


        Orgasming can help the uterus contract, which can help sperm travel toward the fallopian tubes faster


        A study found that women who ate their largest meal at breakfast ovulated more regularly and had improved fertility

Appendix removal

        A study found that women who had their appendixes removed were actually 34% more likely to fall pregnant (Please… do not do this on purpose… like actually!)

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Old Wives Tales for Gender Prediction

Now, let's dive into the fascinating world of old wives' tales when it comes to predicting the gender of our babies. From the way we walk to the cravings we have, it seems like there's a tale for every bump. But as we navigate through the sea of folklore, it's important to remember that these traditions are more about fun than facts. While they add a sprinkle of excitement to our journey, let's not forget that the ultimate reveal lies in the hands of genetics and science. So, whether we're reaching for the pink or blue paint swatches, let's embrace the mystery together.

       1. Sweet vs Salty

So, here's the scoop! If you're constantly reaching for the sweet treats, the old wives' tale says you might be having a baby girl. But if it's salty snacks or protein-packed goodies you can't get enough of, rumor has it a baby boy might be on the way. And what if you're craving a bit of everything? Well, that's just the universal sign that you're in the wonderful world of pregnancy, where cravings seem to have a mind of their own. But let's get real here—those midnight snack urges aren't always about gender-guessing games. 

Experts say it's more about our bodies telling us what they need, whether it's a nutrient boost, a taste for something comforting, or just a little indulgence in this wild journey of creating life. So, let's listen to our cravings, but also remember that every bite is just part of the amazing adventure we're on.

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        2. Morning Sickness

Ugh, let's talk about this old wives tale for morning sickness, shall we? It's like the unwelcome guest that crashes the pregnancy party, and guess what? It doesn't play favorites. But here's the thing: according to the grapevine, if you're battling some serious nausea and morning sickness, there's a chance you might be brewing up a little girl in there. Yep, another one of those old wives' tales with a hint of truth. Now, before you start painting the nursery pink based on your queasy stomach alone, let's reel it back a bit.

Turns out, while you can't exactly pinpoint your baby's gender by the severity of your morning sickness, some studies have found some interesting connections. Like, if you're dealing with the extreme version—hyperemesis gravidarum—there's a chance it might be your body's way of saying, "Hey, there might be a girl in here." But hey, let's not get too hung up on the details. 

        3. The Garlic Test

According to this quirky old wives' tale, if you're chowing down on garlic like there's no tomorrow but somehow managing to keep that telltale scent at bay, you might just be cooking up a little girl in there. Sounds crazy, right? Well, welcome to the world of pregnancy folklore, where things get weirder by the minute. Now, before you start stocking up on garlic bread as a gender reveal tactic, let's break it down. 

While there's no scientific study backing this claim (surprise, surprise), there's a smidge of logic buried beneath the garlic bulbs. See, during pregnancy, our sweat glands go into overdrive, and our body odor can become a whole new experience. Add in the fact that some folks naturally smell like garlic when they sweat, and boom—there's your tale in all its garlicky glory. So, while it might not hold up in the lab, it sure makes for a spicy conversation starter at the next mom-to-be gathering

        4. Partner’s Weight Gain

If your partner's packing on a few extra pounds along with you during this pregnancy journey, rumor has it you might be expecting a little lady. Ah, the infamous "sympathy weight" phenomenon—we've all heard about it, haven't we? I mean, who can resist those late-night snack runs and cozy movie marathons when there's nesting to be done and cravings to indulge in? But before you start eyeing your partner suspiciously for every extra cookie they sneak, let's keep it real. 

Turns out, their newfound curves probably have a simpler explanation. With all those extra snacks and bigger meals floating around the house (thanks, pregnancy cravings!), it's no wonder they're reaching for seconds. So, while it's a cute theory, let's chalk it up to the joys of shared meals and enjoy the ride together, regardless of whether it's pink or blue on the horizon

       5. Pregnancy Glow?

If your skin's all radiant and your hair's giving off major shine, they say it could mean a little dude's on the way. But if you're dealing with more breakouts than glow-ups and that famous "pregnancy glow" is nowhere to be found, word on the street is you may be cooking up a mini-me girl. 

Yep, seems those baby girls are already raiding their mama's beauty stash! But hold up—before you start pointing fingers at your bump for your complexion, let's pause. That glow-up? It's all about those rollercoaster hormones and the extra blood flow, not whether it's team pink or team blue. So go ahead, rock that glow, regardless of who's in the oven!

        6. The Eye Test

Here's a classic old wives' tale for you: apparently, predicting your baby's gender is as simple as taking a peek in the mirror! Give yourself a good look for about a minute. If your pupils are dilating, rumor has it you're expecting a boy. Sure, pregnancy can do some funky things to your eyes, like changes in water retention and dryness, but this tale? Probably more myth than magic

        7. Carrying High Versus Low

So, here's the deal: that whole tale about predicting your baby's gender based on where you're carrying? It's been around forever, right? Like, everyone's heard it. Supposedly, if you're carrying high, it's a girl; if it's low, it's a boy. But honestly, it's kind of a mixed bag. 

Basically, where your bump lands is all about the size and position of your uterus, which, of course, changes as your pregnancy progresses and your baby grows. Some research suggests that male babies tend to bulk up faster and get a bit larger than female ones, so if your bump's hanging low, it might just mean you're in for a little dude. But hey, nothing's set in stone with these old wives' tales, right?

         8. Heart Rate

You know that pregnancy legend making the rounds lately? The one about listening to your baby's heartbeat during an ultrasound? Supposedly, if it's racing faster than 140 beats per minute, you've got a little lady on the way.

Now, here's the scoop: typically, a healthy fetal heart rate falls between 110 to 160 beats per minute. But those higher numbers? They often come down to how active the baby is and how far along you are in the pregnancy. So, while a speedy heartbeat might not spill the beans on gender, it could hint at one lively little munchkin in there.

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        9. The Ring Test

Okay, you've gotta hear about this one—it's like the quirkiest gender prediction method out there, and probably the most popular. Picture this: you grab a ring, tie it to a string, and dangle it over your belly. If it starts swaying in circles, they say it's a girl; but if it swings side to side, it's supposedly a boy.

And get this: in some cultures, they swap out the string for a strand of your hair. So, if you're rocking a shorter 'do, you might need to recruit a friend with longer locks for this experiment.

        10. Blood Pressure Before you Conceive

Alright, check out this fascinating tidbit—it's a bit trickier to pull off, but totally worth it. Apparently, there's this study suggesting that if a woman's blood pressure was higher 26 weeks before she conceived, there's a higher chance she'll have a boy. So, if you happened to have a doctor's appointment before you even started trying for a baby, take a peek back at those numbers. Who knew your blood pressure could hold the key to whether you're welcoming a little guy or gal?

        11. Chinese Gender Chart 

Isn't it fascinating how different cultures have their own take on predicting baby genders? So, get this: there's this ancient chart, supposedly discovered in a royal tomb in Beijing ages ago, like over 700 years back. You place one finger on your age when you conceived and another on the month of conception, and where they intersect, voilà! It's supposed to reveal whether you're in for a baby boy or girl. Ready to give this intriguing chart a whirl? Let's find our Chinese gender predictor and see what it says!

       12. Moody Versus Mellow

Here's the scoop: if you're riding the emotional rollercoaster and feeling more moody than mellow, the old wives' tale suggests it's a girl on the way. But if you're keeping cool and collected, brace yourself for a boy. But hey, let's be real—pregnancy's like a hormonal whirlwind, right? Fatigue hits hard, and sleep becomes a luxury. It's no wonder anyone might feel a bit cranky, regardless of whether it's a little dude or dudette on the horizon.


So now that you’re caught up with these 12 old wives tales, do you know the gender of your baby? Have any of these tales worked for you?

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