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3 Ways to heal breastfeeding cracked nipples -- fast!

Posted by The Spoiled Mama on

An improper latch. The wrong breast pump. Thrush. There are lots of causes for sore cracked nipples, but for anyone who's suffered through it...we can all agree on one thing: it sucks.

Breastfeeding cracked nipples can be painful, and downright horrifying to a new mom. But don't worry, Mama, with the right treatment, you can find quick relief.

3 ways to quickly heal sore cracked nipples

3 ways to heal sore chapped nipples

1) Apply a cold compress before and after feeding. Before feeding time, especially during the initial latch, use a cold pack to numb the affected nipple. This will help dull any discomfort before and after nursing. 

Tips! For convenience, keep plenty of reusable gel pads in the freezer that you can switch out easily.

If you don't wanna shell out the extra cash, try putting a bit of sore nipple cream on breast pads and keeping them in the freezer. When you're ready to use, just plop one (or two) in your bra.

2) Use a natural nipple butter religiously. Sore, cracked nipples often have broken skin and bloody cuts...eek! Help your nipples heal with an all-natural nipple butter. Be sure to skip the lanolin, which is a super controversial ingredient you don't want near your baby's mouth. 

Instead, shop for a toxin-free option like The Spoiled Mama's Fix that Sucker Nipstick. The popular sore nipple treatment features an easy push-up tube and buttery soft formula made with 100% organic ingredients like calendula and comfrey.

Tips!  Toxin-free breastfeeding care is especially convenient, because you won't have to thoroughly wash your nipples before each feeding. The less fussing around the nipples, the faster they will be able to heal!

3) Clean your nipples once a day. When you're breastfeeding, the last thing you need is an infection. Once a day, wash your sore cracked nipples oh-so-gently. Choose a non-antibacterial soap with no fragrance to clean the affected nipple, and rinse with water.

Tips! Gently cleanse your nipple after each feeding to reduce the risk of infection, and allow to air dry.

Have you dealt with breastfeeding cracked nipples? Share any tips you have for prevention or healing below!


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