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C-Section Recovery Tips: 6 Things Every Mama Should Know

6 C-Section Recovery Tips, stretch mark removal | The Spoiled Mama, pregnancy skincare

With nearly one in every three births by cesarean, it's now the most common surgery in the United States. As with all surgeries, there are certainly risks during the procedure and recovery period. Since both my babies were born via C-sections due to high-risk pregnancies, I know how scary it can be for new moms who aren't sure what to expect.

If your doctor or midwife determines a cesarean is best for you & your baby, the best way to prepare is by getting informed! Here are some C-section recovery tips every Mama should know.


Before Your C-section: Be prepared!

  • Strengthen your core muscles to help recover post-cesarean. Pilates, prenatal yoga, swimming -- and even walking! -- can strengthen your abdominals. Consult with your doctor or midwife to determine an exercise routine that will work best for you.
  • During your last trimester, drink a tea with red raspberry leaf to tone and help your uterus recover after surgery. Red raspberry leaf will also help reduce bleeding after cesarean. Just be sure to pick a tea safe for pregnancy, like The Spoiled Mama's Bottom of the 9th Tea, since herbs are a useful -- but powerful -- medicine.
  • You'll likely be in the hospital up to four days after giving birth via cesarean, so be sure to pack your hospital bag with all the essentials!


After C-section Recovery Tips

  • Some women who've had cesareans report difficulty lactating. To encourage breast milk production, drink a tea to increase milk supply and pump regularly. Remember, when it comes to breast milk: you lose it, if you don't use it!
  • Consider wearing a compression band for your post-surgery belly. The band supports your incision and can help decrease pain and swelling as you move around in your day-to-day. Additionally, a compression band can give extra support to your legs and hips, and even help with reducing scar tissue. We love the vast options at Belly Bandit.
  • After care of your C-section is crucial. As your incision heals, treat the area to reduce the scarring. To regenerate new, healthy tissue, I highly recommend natural solutions, like tamanu oil featured in our bestselling Tummy Butter for stretch marks. As a bonus, its toxin-free ingredients means it's safe for breastfeeding moms...a win-win! Which ever cream you choose, make sure you religiously treat your incision during the recovery period & avoid sun exposure while it heals.

6 C-Section Recovery Tips, stretch mark removal | The Spoiled Mama, pregnancy skincare

Have you had a cesarean, or planning to have one? Share your experiences on post-pregnancy skincare and questions below!

The Spoiled Mama, pregnancy skincare

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