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FAQ: Tummy Butter for Stretch Marks

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You can call 'em tiger stripes if you want, but when it comes down to it: no woman wants stretch marks. But unfortunately, they are an annoying reality of life, like knuckle hair and lowered metabolism. According to BabyCenter, at least half of women will get those silver scars during pregnancy (although that sounds like very modest estimates to me!).


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Look ma, no stretch marks!

That said, I will give you one guess to what our #1 customer inquiries are about. Are expectant Mamas most worried about trying to prevent morning sickness or producing an increase in breast milk? Or maybe a breastfeeding nipple butter for their chapped nips? Noooope. The most prevalent concern expressed by Moms (always with a glint of hope and desperation is their eyes!) is:

"How to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy?"

I've rounded up the most popular questions asked by our Mamas about our stretch marks lotion Tummy Butter. It's everything you wanted to know about keeping those tiger stripes far, far away! 

Answered: Your Top Questions on Tummy Butter for Stretch Marks

Q: I'm only in the first trimester of my pregnancy. I have no stretch marks yet, but I'm really worried about getting them! How soon can I begin using your Tummy Butter and Bump Gloss? (Janice P., California)
A: Hi Janice, congratulations on your pregnancy! You can begin using both products as soon as you'd like. As they say: Prevention is the BEST medicine. It is never too early.

Q: I'm four months pregnant (with my first, yay!), and have been using your Tummy Butter every single day! Not one stretch mark yet, but I'm wondering if you have any advice on other things I can do too? (Mara K., Illinois)
A: One reason women get stretch marks during pregnancy is that their skin is not getting enough hydration. Simple solution? Drink plenty of water! With the warm summer months, it is recommended pregnant women drink 80 oz of water daily! Also, make sure you are massaging the belly cream into your skin in order to increase blood circulation and help with your skin's elasticity!

Love lavender? Try our pregnancy safe stretch mark oil Bump Gloss!

Q: What causes an itchy belly during pregnancy? I heard that hot showers can cause it - is this true? (Jessie B., Texas)
A: We agree 💯%!! Hot baths & showers can lead to dry skin and dry pregnancy skin = scratching. Do NOT scratch! Scratching can easily tear your fragile growing belly, breasts, and hips...Try to gently tap your belly, use exfoliating gloves in the shower or use a hydrating sugar scrub in the shower to help alleviate any itchiness. Oatmeal baths also work great if you can handle a luke-warm bath. Another tip is keeping your bod hydrated from the inside out by drinking water and avoiding caffeinated beverages.

Q: I'm pregnant with my second child, and I am suffering from major morning sickness. I want to use your Tummy Butter for stretch marks, but I'm afraid I may get sick. What does it smell like? (Anne D., New York)
A: Great question, Anne! Many expectant Mamas are naturally concerned about introducing potentially nauseating smells into their pregnancy skincare routine. Our cocoa butter Tummy Butter is scented with orange essential oils -- many say the end result smells like orange chocolate! If you find lavender more soothing, try our pregnancy stretch mark oil Bump Gloss! (And if you're REALLY suffering, try our Happy Mornings Sippin' Tea -- an all-natural, organic solution to help reduce and aid in nausea during pregnancy.)ic: Tummy butter, Bump Gloss Belly Oil | Stretch Mark Prevention Products During Pregnancy

Q: I had my baby four months ago, and have stretch marks on stomach and thighs!! I wish I found out about your product sooner! Can I still use your belly butter? (Lita N., New York)  
A: Good news, Lita. It may not be too late! If your stretch marks are new (purple-red color, raised) then our cocoa butter for scars will certainly help heal AND fade them.

Q: Quick question... I'm really interested in using the tummy butter and was wondering how long an 8oz container of it usually lasts? (Brandi J., North Dakota)
A: The short answer is: it depends on every woman (i.e. how frequently are you applying? how much do you apply at one time? how many parts of your body are you putting it on?). That said, I'd definitely recommend the 8 oz if you are in the earlier phase your pregnancy; however, keep in mind the butter works great for stretch marks after childbirth, and also for helping heal and fade C-section scars.

Q: Does your Tummy Butter work on women of every ethnicity? (Laurie P., Florida)
A: Yes! Our Tummy Butter doesn't discriminate!

If you have any questions about stretch mark removal that I haven't addressed here, leave me a comment below! Have a great week, Mamas!

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