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Finding the Best Stretch Mark Cream During Pregnancy

Finding the Best Stretch Mark Cream During Pregnancy

Can you effectively prevent or fade pregnancy stretch marks with our lotion? Absolutely! The reviews speak for themselves, confirming the efficacy of our Dynamic Duo: Stretch Mark Prevention Tummy Butter & Bump Gloss. And with the added touch of unicorn tears, it becomes a truly miraculous product.


But seriously, let's talk about the dirty S-word. Y'know, the one that strikes fear into the hearts of all expectant & postpartum moms. As soon as you find out you’re expecting, choose natural remedies for stretch marks, such as a non-toxic belly butter or a pregnancy stretch mark oil to begin promoting elasticity and adding hydration to your skin. For ultimate protection, use natural remedies for stretch marks like our belly butter and pregnancy belly oil together to give your bump the boost it needs. If stretchies do rear its ugly head, reach for a toxin-free serum formulated for pregnancy stretch marks removal. Early and consistent treatment is key in reducing the size and appearance of stretch marks caused by pregnancy.

Weight changes and hormonal factors make pregnant Mamas especially ripe for unpleasant realities like hormonal pregnancy acne, cankles and stretch marks (hello, watermelon bellies!). One study found up to 50% of expecting mothers can get stretch marks during pregnancy; however, not all hope is lost. Preventing stretch marks during pregnancy is a proactive process that begins from the moment the happy news arrives (and the morning sickness hits) and after you take baby home.

Pair your daily skin regimen of pregnancy lotion for stretch marks with an exfoliating sugar scrub, a diet of vitamins E, C, and A to promote truly healthy skin from the inside out!

So exactly what are stretch marks?

Stretch marks, or striae graviae, are scars that appear on the skin which has been overstretched. Stretch marks occur in the dermis or middle layer of the skin. This elastic layer is fortified with fibers known as collagen and elastin that allow the skin to stretch and snap back into shape. When this layer is continuously stretched over a long period of time, the elasticity can break down. In areas where these breakdowns occur, the skin tries to reinforce itself by increasing the amount of collagen. The result is the scars we call stretch marks. They usually emerge as purple or reddish marks that fade to shallow gray or white scars, although some people report that their stretch marks begin gray or white and change to purplish-red.

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Do all pregnant women get stretch marks?

No, mama. As we mentioned above preventing stretch marks during pregnancy is a proactive process that begins from the moment the happy news arrives (and the morning sickness hits) and after you take your bundle home. Some studies have shown up to 50% of pregnant women get stretch marks during pregnancy, usually during the third trimester and sometimes earlier. It can be due to genetics, excessive weight gain in a short period or overly dry and stretching skin. Stretch marks affect women of all ages, sizes and ethnic backgrounds. (They affect men, adolescents, and non-pregnant women as well).

How long does your Tummy Butter and Bump Gloss last?

When using our products the amount you will need will definitely vary depending on how much you are growing and where you feel your stretch mark prone areas are - with most of us it seems to be everywhere! What we mean by this is each woman varies in 'size' with each pregnancy and also depends on if you are carrying multiples, the most common stretch mark prone areas are your growing tummy, hips, buttocks, and breasts. We recommend using natural remedies for stretch marks like our Bump Gloss pregnancy oil in the morning. Since it is an oil, a little goes a long way but you want to make sure that while massaging any oil or belly butter in you do so gently. TIP: Gentle 'massaging' is what will bring blood flow to the surface and this will also help aid in stretch mark prevention. 

Tummy Butter pregnancy lotion for stretch marks can be applied in the afternoon, evening or both. Each of these stretch mark treatment products is recommended to be used together (each contains oils proven to help aid in stretch mark prevention and fading of scars) so it will depend on what fits in your schedule. If you do start feeling like you have an itchy tummy, apply the Bump Gloss pregnancy oil or if your skin starts to feel dry later in the day apply our Tummy Butter for stretch marks lotion.

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Does pregnancy really change a woman's skincare needs?

Yes, in most cases it does. Pregnancy is known to come along with vast hormonal changes which can often wreak havoc on the skin. Pregnant women often find themselves in need of natural remedies for stretch marks & pregnancy skincare products that can tackle these concerns safely and effectively. The shift in hormones means that many women find that their normal skincare regimen no longer works well because their skin becomes oilier, drier or more sensitive while pregnant. In addition, the tremendous abdominal growth you experience during pregnancy (and, to a lesser extent, breast, and hip enlargement, too) causes itching and often leads to stretch marks. Many women develop stretch marks during pregnancy, and it is no surprise that pregnancy is one of the leading causes of stretch marks.

The Spoiled Mama has an unwavering and relentless commitment to excellence. That’s why we created an exceptional pregnancy skincare line that is the perfect fusion of science and nature. Besides searching the globe to select the finest botanical ingredients and using advanced technologies, we are committed to ensuring that our skincare products are researched and tested, not only to meet the highest industry standards for quality and purity but also to your high expectations.

Are stretch marks preventable or curable?

The Million Dollar question!!! Various theories exist on this subject, suggesting there is room for debate. Some health professionals believe that stretch marks are genetic; however, these same professionals often suggest that using the proper moisturizer during pregnancy and gently massaging vulnerable areas can relieve itching and nourish the skin to help prevent and fade existing stretch marks.

So what can you do to beat the odds and prevent stretch marks? Following these guidelines, all of which are good for your overall health and the condition of your skin will go a long way toward putting the odds in your favor.

Eat a healthy, diverse and balanced diet that keeps your weight gain within the recommended range of 25 to 35 pounds. Excellent nutritional status is vital for your developing baby, but it also contributes to the strength and health of the body’s largest organ: the skin. What’s more, a controlled and steady weight gain, without any wild upward swings, will let your skin stretch at a steady rate without any unexpected jolts.

TIP: Use a body brush, gloves or sugar scrub for stretch marks to massage the areas where you have stretch marks, or want to prevent stretch marks from appearing - this will increase circulation to the area, which will be helpful.

Finding the Best Stretch Mark Cream During Pregnancy

As you know, be sure to drink plenty of water. Hydration on the INSIDE is important for your overall health and well-being as well as that of your growing baby, and it is critical to healthy skin. Take your omega-3’s and vitamins. This is one more way to ensure proper nutritional status during pregnancy, which is critical for your overall health and well-being, as well as beautiful skin and a healthy baby! 

Keep skin liberally and effectively moisturized beginning in the first or second trimester and throughout your recovery to your pre-pregnancy weight. Moisturizing with natural treatments for stretch marks via belly creams and pregnancy oils will help keep your skin supple and elastic plus serve as “food” (and vitamin supplements) for your skin.

Tummy Butter for stretch marks is made with the finest ingredients available. We start with pure cocoa butter and then added Vitamin E oil, organic Rosehip oil, organic Tamanu, and Kukui Nut oils which contain high amounts of essential fatty acids (EFA's). Together they promote collagen & elastin to help increase cell regeneration. This results in firmer skin with greater elasticity. Tummy Butter also works wonders on C-Section scars! The belly butter blend of vitamins and oils used to create these formulas are designed to help enhance collagen production and support the dermis during pregnancy, to keep your skin intact despite its rigorous stretching.

What results have been found with Tummy Butter and Bump Gloss?

In random surveys of users, 92% of pregnant women using Spoiled Mama's Tummy Butter and Bump Gloss pregnancy oil, reported they did not get one lasting stretch mark and claimed our belly butter was the only solution for their excessive itching.

82% of Tummy Butter pregnancy lotion for stretch marks users that treated already existing stretch marks experienced a significant improvement in an average of 8 weeks when used twice daily. The results included fading, blending and smoothing of existing stretch marks scars by improving skin tone and texture during and after pregnancy.

What else can I do, besides caring for my skin, to help prevent stretch marks?

There are several steps that you can take that may help prevent stretch marks. First, eat a healthy diet including all the protein, vitamins and fruits and vegetables essential to your health, to nourish both your baby and your skin.

Second, take prenatal vitamins as prescribed by your physician, and drink at least six to eight glasses of water daily, again to assure that your body has all the building blocks it needs or a healthy baby and for your health, as well. You need to not only hydrate your skin but also keep your insides hydrated as well.

Third, monitor your weight gain and try not to exceed your doctor's recommendations for a steady, healthy weight gain appropriate for you. Always remember, you should never diet during pregnancy! Your baby needs a steady supply of calories and nutrients every day to support healthy growth and development, and it is absolutely necessary for you to gain weight during pregnancy. Last but not least, Exercise is key for a healthy body and a healthy baby. Always consult your physician before starting any exercise program.

Overall, finding the best pregnancy lotion for stretch marks, a pregnancy oil to help fade scars and pregnancy teas to help morning sickness and increase breastmilk- think of The Spoiled Mama! We have you covered for all the above and make great pregnancy gift baskets too!


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