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Maskne tips for Summer

Maskne tips for Summer

Our beauty at Spoiled Mama HQ has received an influx of requests - from front-line workers, stay at home Mama's and the general public alike - for advice on how to ease the effects that masks can have on our skin, we decided to compile a list of everything you need to know about maskne. First things first...

What even is maskne?

With lockdown lessening, face masks are still a part of our everyday life. Whether your job requires you to wear one all day or you only don one during your weekly shop, then the chances are that you've noticed a change in your skin - especially with prolonged and regular use. As with any close-to-skin coverings, masks trap in moisture and heat, making them a recipe for excess oil production and bacteria: enter blemishes. This pesky face mask can help keep germs away but can also cause more acne.

#1 Go for a 100% cotton mask

It’ll allow the skin to breathe better. With the hot summer weather to come, make sure you wash it regularly. Here’s why:

“You need to treat it like underwear and wash it frequently”, said Dr. Candrice Heath, an assistant professor of dermatology at the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University. “You don’t want all of that oil and sweat and dirt to sit there and then you re-apply it to your face constantly.”

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 Keep your skincare routine simple

A gentle non-soap cleanser and a mild, fragrance-free moisturizer go a long way in keeping your skin hydrated and free from mask friction. Our alcohol-free pregnancy safe toner and uses a gentle mix of aloe vera and witch hazel to gently remove residue from clogged pores.

#3 Tone down the makeup

Now, Mama, we’re not saying don’t wear makeup at all, but on days when you know you’ll be wearing a mask, keep makeup to a minimum. If you really need to, wear a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen. 

Dr. Shari Marchbein, a dermatologist in New York, suggests either apply moisturizer or if it’s late enough in the day, use the products you normally use in the evening

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#4 Use a topical with glycolic acid

Ladies with darker skin tones tend to develop hyperpigmentation from acne, which is why Dr. Heath recommends a topical with glycolic acid, to help with the blemishes and the darkening of the skin. During pregnancy though, ladies of all skin types experience hyperpigmentation, often referred to as melasma or “the mask of pregnancy”.

Our Lucid Serum doubles up as a solution for Maskne and the mask of pregnancy (melasma). This treatment for melasma is an all-in-one serum that quickly penetrates the skin to improve firmness, moisture, and overall radiance. Glow on...

#5 Wear sunscreen indoors

No matter if you have dark skin, light skin, or in-between skin, you should apply sunscreen daily to prevent melasma or keep it from worsening.

Our team recommends a broad-spectrum sunscreen, especially one that protects you from other forms of light other than ultraviolet, to help prevent melasma from occurring or worsening. Mineral sunscreens are the best for children, pregnant, or breastfeeding women and include zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as the main ingredients in physical sunscreens, which are also known as mineral sunscreens.

Dr. Mona Gohara, an associate clinical professor of dermatology at Yale School of Medicine who specializes in treating skin of color, tells those with hyperpigmentation to wear sunscreen indoors. Why? The blue light from all the devices we use makes the issue worse. 

And if maskne isn't causing acne during pregnancy we know another reason for hormonal acne..could it be pregnancy hormones? For the best products for hormonal acne, you can rely on The Spoiled Mama to give you the best safe acne treatment during pregnancy.

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