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The Methodology Of Stretch Marks Occurrence And Solutions

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When we look at the methodology of the skin problems during pregnancy we can not simply point a finger at a single thing. There is a series of changes that come to women’s bodies which produces stretch marks. These changes include raging hormones, less blood flow, and the outbreak of skin cells.

pregnancy stretch marks

Pregnancy is a wonder of nature.  You are bringing a new life to its world. Every mother and children have a special bond with each other even before childbirth. 

Mothers' love is always considered as limitless. She becomes the mother as she starts sensing life in her body.

Physical changes in the mother’s body

During the duration of nine months, women feel so many different changes in her body such as.

  • Swelling in a different part of the body is a major condition that women have to go through. This condition occurs in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy.
  • Obesity is another condition in which you can gain rapid weight. This also includes the weight of the baby which can stretch out the belly of your body.
  • Hair fall is one of the most concerning body changes that women have during pregnancy. 
  • Stretch marks on your body during pregnancy can cause small lining on your body that can then turn into white or silver.
  • Dark circles


The main reasons that play parts in occurrence of stretch marks?

Usually, the stretch in your skin occurs when you gain weight and your body changes its shape. Although the skin is elastic the marks occur when the skin reaches a certain limit. They occur usually in the shape of narrow strips with a unique pattern.

The most common affected areas are:

  •       Abdomen
  •       Breasts
  •       Hips
  •       Flank
  •       Buttocks
  •       Thighs

Although they are not dangerous but not nice looking that’s why people want to get rid of it as soon as possible for them. Lotions and Creams for stretch marks can be used anywhere on the body in the affected area. For some people, if maybe a big concern as they have a career where the visibility of stretch marks may affect their position.

Major Causes of stretch Marks

Extreme skin growth may cause stretch marks over the body. Some of the major reasons include:

  • About 50-90 percent of women face the stretch marks problem because of Pregnancy over their tummy.
  • Sometimes young ones experience puberty so rapidly which left them having stretch marks.
  •  Abnormal or rapid weight gain also gives you stretch marks
  • Some medical conditions make you experience the stretch marks problem.

Can you get rid of stretch marks

The use of Corticosteroid reduces and removes the stretch marks with time. Corticosteroid is Present in the Best lotion for pregnancy and body Butter. Which is easily available in markets for skin care you have them with the consultation of your doctor to avoid any side effects.

Recoveries after pregnancy

Everything will start turning back to its original position after some time with appropriate care. A proper and healthy diet will help you recover your internal weaknesses. With the help of daily 15- 20 min work out you can get rid of obesity. 

pregnancy belly cream

Every woman wants to get recovered from all of these symptoms as soon as possible. Be Patience.

Nothing resolve overnight and these marks are one of them. They have to make a proper routine of skincare to get rid of these changes. These long haul body changes include weight and stretch cream.

 Whereas to stop prevent stretch marks you need to apply the best stretch marks cream for Pregnancy on your tummy from 6-7 months of the pregnancy till 2 months after the delivery. Stretch marks will leave your body forever like it was never there.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Your body gets dehydrated faster-during pregnancy than usual because two persons are consuming water from a single source. Keep your body and skin hydrated. This will not only help you to extract toxins from your body but also helps you to take care of your skin as well.

Water based moisturizer

The more you keep yourself hydrated it helps your body to give you less visible stretch marks as they are more visible on dry skins. The rest of the stretch marks will be easily removed with the help of the Best lotion for pregnancy.

Increase the intake of zinc

Zinc is very important for the skin. It helps the body to recover easily and also decreases inflammation. Nuts and fish are highly enriched with zinc which can keep your skin staying healthy. The rest you can easily cover with best stretch marks prevention cream 

Food containing zinc

There are different sources through which you guys can get the proper amount of Zinc. You can even get them orally or there are different beauty products available that have Zinc in them.

Apply these products on your skin directly. This way you can fulfill the need of Zinc in your skin tissues. This will also cut down Fatty acids.

Treat Fresh

With time it Stretches marks may take a little longer to go away from your body. Keep your diet healthy and fresh. Instead of intaking fast foods try to make your eating habits more healthy. You should start eating fruits that are healthy.

These vegetables will fulfill all the natural ingredients and nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy.

Fresh vegetables

Take care of them as soon as possible

If you start caring about your skin from the beginning of the pregnancy, There are great chances that you can minimize the threat of stretch marks. Try to treat your stretch marks at the beginning with the Best lotion for pregnancy. This way you can keep your skin moisturized and control its collagen level and also remove existing stretch marks.

best lotion for pregnancy

Proper Diet

Your diet should be proper. You should know how to maintain the balance of vitamins in your body to make your body function more efficiently. Balance of the following elements can help you to build a strong immune system e.g.

  •       Vitamin C
  •       Vitamin D
  •       Vitamin E
  •       Zinc
  •       Protein

These are some of the ingredients that should be part of your diet. You can make a proper plan for your daily food intake in which you can easily consume all of these ingredients.


Maintain your weight

Gaining weight during pregnancy is normal but maintaining it is the task in hand. Even in pregnancy, you should adapt little exercise in your daily routines to get rid of many physical issues.

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