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Yes, Mama- you read the title right, NO F’s GIVEN. A little riskay? Maybe. But, we have to get the word out. We wouldn’t dare to put any fragrance in our skincare, we’d rather be caught dead. Did you know it takes 26 seconds for your skincare to enter your bloodstream? Well, now you do. Essential oils, botanical extracts, and fruit essence gives our products that heavenly scent.

Our philosophy: The Spoiled Mama knows great skin never goes out of style. That’s why we’ve combined Mother Nature with science to give new moms (& their little humans) the best skin care available. Our collection addresses the most common needs of pregnant, postpartum, and breastfeeding mothers, so you can enjoy being a Spoiled Mama... without all the drama. We have nothing to hide, and we proudly disclose every hand-selected ingredient used in our products, including fragrances (which are NEVER synthetic).

The Spoiled Mama is adamant about safe skincare, because why the hell wouldn’t we be?


  • NO Sulfates (sls/sles)- YUCK
  • NO Parabens- Don’t even get me started
  • NO Synthetic Fragrances- like really??? That’s just wrong…
  • NO Petroleum Derivatives or Mineral Oil 
  • NO Phthalates- can you pronounce this? Me neither….
  • NO Nanoparticles- Gives me shivers
  • NO Triclosan- side eye
  • NO Formaldehyde or Formaldehyde Carriers- yeah, NOOOOOO
  • NO Tea, Peg, Dea- ???????
  • NO Animal Testing or By-product- NEVA EVA!


We use pure botanicals, extracts, and essential oils; ingredients that are easy to read, easy to Google, and safe for you & baby- because that's how all skincare should be.


Some products that include essential oils are:

Tummy Butter

Bump Gloss 

Indulge Scrub

Luxe-Mama Body Wash

Happy Legs Aloe (cucumber extract) 


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