10 Summer Pregnancy Getaway Musts

10 Summer Pregnancy Getaway Musts
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It's no secret that being pregnant during the summer can be an uncomfortable, sweaty and swollen mess. But whether you're headed on a babymoon, a family reunion in the mountains or a weeklong coastal retreat, your baby bump shouldn't be a speed bump in your vacation.

From essential reading, organic pregnancy skincare and comfortable maternity fashion, we've got the must-haves every expecting Mama needs for a memorable summer pregnancy trip!


From a roundtable survey, here's our staff picks for the 10 Summer Pregnancy Getaway Musts


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1. Get your reading on. OK, I hate to break it to you, but much of your reading material will soon be replaced by Dr. Seuss. There's no better excuse to get off your swollen pregnancy legs than to plop down with a good mystery or romance novella. If your pregnancy brain can't handle a dense tome, we recommend something light and inspirational like Tina Fey's bestselling memoir "Bossypants." The successful Mama, comedienne, and actress will have you guffawing and reaching for your mocktail (see #3).


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2. Kitsch elastic hair ties. My favorite part of summer is you can roll out of bed, slap your hair in a messy bun and instantly rock the "beach chic" look. But we both know the truth: you're on vacation. You're pregnant. You couldn't care less.

With Kitsch elastic hair ties, you can give the illusion of effort! These pretty ties come in a variety of fun colors and patterns that will spruce up your hair-do, whether it's a pony, braid or bun. Since they're made from strips of elastic cloth, Kitsch hair ties are comfortable to wear and won't snag your hair. Comes in headbands as well!


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3. Sip on refreshing mocktails. There's no point in having drink envy when you can have a delicious mocktail whipped up! If you want to make your own stash, check out this amazing collection of mocktail recipes that utilize sparkling water, flavored soda, fresh juices, and simple herb- and fruit-distilled syrups. If you're dining out, most bartenders should be able to create something fresh and delicious for you as well.

Remember, pregnant women are recommended to drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day, so make sure to have a water bottle handy even when you're on vacation. Being properly hydrated will also help with edema, or swollen pregnancy legs and feet.


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4. Slather on the SPF. This is a no-brainer! When choosing SPF sunscreen, make sure it's toxin-free and pregnancy-safe. We recommend checking out Environmental Working Group's list of safe sunscreens.

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5. Relieve your edema. Puffy ankles, feet and legs are common during the second half of pregnancy, but can be particularly uncomfortable during sweltering summer weather. The Spoiled Mama's Happy Legs Relief for Swollen Ankles & Feet (on sale for $14.40) uses soothing cucumber and spirulina to help aid circulation in the legs and reduce edema.

For a cooling summer treat, pop your leg gel in the fridge for a few hours, slather on your swollen gams and keep your feet elevated.


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6. Plug into podcasts. If you aren't in the headspace to read, listening to podcasts is a great way to keep yourself entertained and relax. There are a plethora of FREE podcasts right on your smartphone that covers practically any interest you may have.

Don't know where to start? Try "One Bad Mother" for hilarious and frank talk about motherhood, "Stuff Mom Never Told You" for educational discussions on women, or "Pea in the Podcast" for all your pregnancy questions.

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7. Choose the perfect cover-up. There's nothing more versatile in a maternity wardrobe than an open shawl or cardigan. That's why we're especially envious of pregnant Mamas who can work the beautiful, trendy kimonos of this season.  Pictured above, a lightweight chiffon kimono is a great vacation piece for expecting moms: it looks great over jeans, awesome with a dress and gives you extra coverage on the beach. Dress up for a date night with your sweetie, and even wear it postpartum -- score! Cute summer maternity style has never been so easy!


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8. Stock up on maxis. Summer is the perfect time for expecting Mamas to stock up on maxis. Whether it's a skirt or dress, maxis are easy, flattering pieces that provide maximum comfort to expecting mothers. We especially love foldover, elastic waist maxi skirts, which can be adjusted to accommodate your growing belly.

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9. Cool off with multi-purpose toner spray. Pack The Spoiled Mama's pregnancy safe acne toner in your suitcase for a quick pick-me-up. Aside from being a toner, the organic Hydrate Cucumber & Aloe Toner spray helps you beat the heat as a refreshing facial spray and aromatherapy treat! On a night out, lightly spritz any of our organic toners over your face to help set your makeup.


10. Nourish your skin with the Motherlode maternity gifts bundle. For a head-to-toe care, our maternity gifts bundle makes sure your skin never goes neglected. This ultimate pregnancy skin care bundle comes with a beauty tote and packed with seven of The Spoiled Mama's bestsellers: Tummy Butter and Bump Gloss for stretch mark prevention, Aloe Leg Gel for swollen pregnancy legs and feet, Luxe Mama sulfate-free body wash for pregnancy and Indulge natural body scrub for a heavenly bath, BalanC Acne Toner and Rehab Serum safe acne treatment during pregnancy for a clearer skin. We even throw in a wooden scoop for your convenience.

What are some of your pregnancy summer musts? Share your thoughts below!

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