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Are you on the hunt for distinctive and unconventional baby shower concepts, games, and beyond? Look no further, Mama! Your quest for the perfect celebration ends here. We've scoured the internet and devoted countless hours to curating a collection of the absolute finest for your upcoming baby shower (or if you're planning one- keep reading)! Simplifies for you, busy Mama.

Easy Baby Shower Games

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We know how busy things can get when prepping for your little one's arrival (trust us). If you’re looking for easy and simple baby shower games everyone can play, these are the perfect games for you!

        1. My Water Broke

This game is a timeless favorite, and it’s no wonder—it's a delightful baby shower activity that's simple to set up and ensures everyone at the gathering participates (while bringing out their competitive spirit).

Materials: Small plastic baby dolls (one per guest) and an ice cube tray (or similar small containers).

Preparation: Place a plastic baby doll into each compartment of the ice cube tray, fill with water, and freeze before the event.

How to play: Each guest receives a beverage with a baby-filled ice cube submerged in it. The goal of this baby shower game is to thaw the ice and extract the plastic baby by any means possible. The first person to free their baby doll exclaims, "My water broke!" and claims victory.

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         2. Baby Food Race

Get those taste buds ready. Competing to finish a jar of carrot puree first promises plenty of laughter.

Materials: Baby food in pureed form, baby spoons, blindfolds, and entertaining prizes.

Preparation: Gather and organize your supplies, considering guest allergies or dietary preferences.

How to participate: Pair up guests, blindfold them, and have one person feed the other baby food from a jar using a spoon. The pair that finished their jar first received a prize! 

        3. Baby Word Unscramble

Babies need LOTS, right?! Check out this free printable of products (most likely on your baby registry) for guests to unscramble and guess items essential for a baby.

Materials: pencils or pens

        4. Baby Shower Bingo

An oldie but a goodie, great for everyone to play!

Materials: Pencils, pens, or stickers, free printable download.


Active Baby Shower Games

If you're eager to ramp up the fun and get your competitive spirit soaring, these active baby shower games are just the ticket for those craving a good challenge!

        1. Blind Diaper Changing Challenge

Challenge your crew's diaper-changing skills with this lively baby shower game.

Materials: Two life-size baby dolls, two blindfolds, and one diaper per guest, plus two spares.

Preparation: Place a diaper on each doll before the party begins.

How to play: Guests divide into teams. Each team receives a doll, blindfold, and diapers. The first player from each team puts on the blindfold, removes the doll's diaper, and replaces it with a fresh one. Once the first players finish, the next team members take their turn, continuing until all diapers are changed. The team that completes the task first wins!


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        2. Where's The Pacifier?

How good are your guests finding skills?

Materials: A diaper bag, baby wipes, a pacifier, a burping cloth, diapers, baby clothes, books, bottles, blankets (stuff the bag!)

How to play: Hide a pacifier among the contents of a diaper bag, which includes wipes, onesies, toys, bottle, books, snacks, and more. The guest who finds the pacifier in the quickest time wins!

        3. Chug It!

How fast can you chug?

Materials: Baby bottles, water, blue or pink food coloring (optional)

How to play: Fill baby bottles with water/beverage of choice (you can tint it pink or blue), attach nipples, and challenge guests to see who can drink the water the fastest. Note: some Mamas have told us they fill the bottles with beer and see which guests can chug the fastest. Any takers? 

        4. Bobbing For Pacifiers

Not only is this baby shower super competitive, but it’s hilarious too!

Materials needed: Small plastic bowls (one for each participant), three to five pacifiers per bowl.

Preparation: Get your supplies ready. This game can be enjoyed indoors, but it's also perfect for outdoor baby showers.

How to play: Pour water into each bowl and line them up. Drop multiple pacifiers into each bowl and ask guests to line up with their hands behind their backs. Begin the game with a whistle blow or a shake of a rattle—the first person to collect all their pacifiers wins!

Best Baby Shower Prize Ideas

So you got your games, what about your prizes? Depending on how many games you play, here is a list of what we would want to find in our goodie baskets:

  • Coffee and/or tea sets
  • Gift card to a nice restaurant or favorite coffee shop
  • Spa-themed goodie basket or gift certificate 
  • Nice candles
  • Personalized gifts
  • Keychains
  • Pajama sets
  • Movie night gift basket
  • Wine (can pair with a board for charcuterie)
  • Any gift baskets
  • Popular ‘must-read’ books

Baby Shower Ideas Without Games

Over the idea of games? No worries! Here are some activities to entertain your guests on your special day!

        1. Wishes for Baby

If you’re feeling sentimental and mushy-gushy, this free printable is too sweet! If guests have special wishes and hopes for your new baby, this is the place to jot them down so you (and eventually your little one) can cherish them forever.

      2. Time Capsule of Memories

Arrange a cute box and an array of items such as small treasures, notes, and future predictions for the baby. Encourage guests to contribute items that symbolize the present moment.

This activity serves as a heartfelt way to encapsulate the spirit of the baby shower and the world during this joyous occasion.

Consider crafting individual cards for guests to fill out, including predictions for the baby's name, weight, hair color, and aspirations for their future. Imagine opening this time capsule with your little one on their 18th birthday!

        3. Word of Encouragement

We LOVE this idea for our Mamas! 

Grab some diapers and markers, then give guests a straightforward task: "Write a note to lift the parents' spirits during those midnight diaper changes."

It's a delightful way to engage your guests and offer words of encouragement during those crucial early days.

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        4. DIY Onesie Station

It’s pretty straightforward- grab some white onesies and have your guests create their own designs for your little one to wear. Use fabric paints, markers, and stencils. Invite guests to channel their inner artists and create personalized onesies for the baby. A perfect baby shower craft!


Whether you channel your competitive or creative side on your little one’s special day, we hope you enjoy your celebration and create fun and lasting memories! Which idea will you use?

Any other ideas you think we’ve missed? Let us know below!

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