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6 things every pregnant mom should know before hitting the spa

6 things every pregnant mom should know before hitting the spa

With achy feet and swollen limbs, a pregnancy spa day seems like a no-brainer for expecting moms. But is it safe? Are all masseuses  qualified? What kind of spa services would be most beneficial?

With our pregnancy skincare featured in international spas, we wanted to drop some industry knowledge on you. Here's what you need to know before booking that spa day!

  1. Prenatal massages can provide a plethora of benefits. Studies have shown pregnancy massages can have wonderful side effects for expecting mothers, including relieving achy muscles and joints, reducing anxiety and depression, and improving labor and baby's health.

  2. Choose your masseuse carefully. While most massage training programs teach massage therapy for pregnant mothers, call your spa to find a masseuse who is certified in prenatal massage. This means they have special training on how to position you safely and watch for symptoms of varicose veins and blood clots.

  3. Investigate your spa's products. Call your spa ahead to make sure all their treatments feature pregnancy safe skin care. This means anything that touches your skin -- from belly butters to pregnancy oils -- will be toxin-free and safe for your baby.

  4. Avoid the sauna. While they are relaxing (and great for skin!), pregnant mothers should skip the sauna. That's because overheating at 101-degrees F or above can increase birth defects in babies during a mother's first trimester.

  5. Cure what ails you. Edema or swollen feet and ankles? A massage will help! Got nerve pain? A masseuse can ease the tension! When pregnancy gets extremely uncomfortable, many third trimester moms will find a trip to the maternity spa will greatly help.

  6. Get your doc's green light. Expecting moms should consult with their health care provider before scheduling a spa visit if they have:
  • experienced bleeding or preterm conditions
  • a high risk pregnancy
  • preeclampsia
  • previous pre-term labor
  • high blood pressure or migraines
  • pregnancy induced hypertension

So, time to dish! Have you had a prenatal spa day or massage? What's your favorite treatment? Share below!

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