Postpartum Body Care

Saving your skin after pregnancy

Saving your skin after pregnancy

September is the most popular birthing month (holiday sexy-time, anyone?), so we know there are plenty of newly postpartum moms out there.

Not surprisingly, every Mama's post-pregnancy recovery is different. With your hormones shifting once agan, your skin after pregnancy can continue to act up & become fussy -- here's how to find fast (& effective) relief for the most common issues!

how to take care of your skin after pregnancy

Postpartum swollen feet and legs

Edema, or the swelling of feet and legs, is not just a phenomena during pregnancy. After giving birth, it will take a few weeks for your body to purge the excess fluid you've retained during your third trimester.

As your body readjusts, expect lots of trips to the bathroom and sweating (glamorous, we know). To alleviate achy limbs, keep active with light exercise -- even walking!

Make sure to move around, and avoid crossing your legs or standing for a long time. When relaxing, treat yourself to a gentle massage with a leg gel for swollen feet relief. Be sure to elevate those gams to get the blood flowin.'

Saggy skin after pregnancy

This is probably the mother of all postpartum skin concerns. Even if you survived pregnancy without stretch marks (lucky you!), almost every mother worries about her new pregnancy pooch post-baby.

Following the first months of giving birth, we strongly encourage mothers wear a belly wrap. We love the extra support it gives as your core heals.

For saggy bellies, The Spoiled Mama founder Tamara Johnson swears by Remodel Serum, which is a wonderful treatment for postpartum stretch marks, and contains hyaluronic acid that helps plump and tone skin.

After the serum dries (only a few minutes), apply our toxin-free Tummy Butter for stretch marks to the area. If you wish, follow with a postpartum corset for the support. Tamara did this for 8-10 weeks following her babies, and she swears by this routine:

"I loved my Belly Bandit after giving birth. I had my hubby help me apply Remodel and Tummy Butter right away, and strap me into the belly band -- just lay down and cinch that bad boy around you!"
While it may be slightly uncomfortable at first, Tamara says it's worth it:
"People in the hospital couldn't believe I just had a baby. My tummy looked flat and my muscles were definitely pulled together."

Allover tiredness & dullness

For Mamas who need a full-body rejuvenation, we strongly encourage new moms pamper themselves with a massage or facial. Not only can it help relieve your aches and pains, it can truly make you feel better.

Whichever prenatal treatment you choose, make sure to let your spa know you've just had a baby, as it may affect the treatments available to you.  If you're nursing, ask if the spa carries toxin-free products safe for breastfeeding moms.

Anything we miss? Share below! And for more info, check out our "Postpartum Recovery Essentials & Checklist"!

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