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Top Beauty Brands: Safe makeup for pregnancy

Top Beauty Brands: Safe makeup for pregnancy

While we're firm believers great skin trumps all makeup, even Mamas with the most perfect complexion can experience a few hiccups during pregnancy.

With your hormones going bananas, unexpected skin issues like pregnancy acne and dark spots can throw off your A-game. For beauties who need extra coverage, here's our list of safe makeup brands during pregnancy.  


Lily Lolo Mineral Cosmetics - Originating from London, this is a 100% all natural makeup line now available in the US and Canada. Famous for their lightweight foundations, their collection now includes impressive bronzers, eye shadows and lipsticks. This award winning brand is made without chemicals, fillers, dyes and parabens.


Vapour Organic Beauty - The trio behind Vapour Organic Beauty includes the ex-president of Kevin Aucoin, which is something we can stand behind! Aside from the big names and celebrity following, Vapour uses only natural and minimally processed ingredients. Each product contains a minimum of 70% organic ingredients, with the remaining 30% made of mineral pigments and essential oils.


Miessence Cosmetics - This impressive brand has all the accolades to make a Mama and baby feel safe. Based in  Australia, Miessence is certified organic and ranks in the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics' Top Five Brands. Their makeup contains no synthetic chemicals, no GMOs and is the first brand to be internationally certified organic by organic food standards -- wow!


ILIA Beauty - With it's beautiful packaging and sleek design, ILIA Beauty makes toxin-free beauty look good. Famous for their lippies, each product in this beauty brand has up to 85% bioactive organic ingredients, and is certified cruelty-free, made with organic ingredients and gluten-free.

Please note cosmetic formulations are always changing, so double-check ingredients and consult with your doctor if you have any questions! And of course, give your makeup the perfect base with safe, effective pregnancy skin care.

What are some of your favorite toxin-free makeup brands? Give us your recommendations below!

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