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5 Biggest winter beauty blunders to avoid

5 Biggest winter beauty blunders to avoid
The holidays are the most joyous time of year, and the season inspires beauty ideals of dewy skin, polished looks and glowing, flushed faces. But in reality, harsh winter weather can bring about rough skin, dull complexions and embarrassing dryness for most of us.

For pregnant Mamas, skin irritation and itchiness can lead to stretch marks and keep you from achieving that coveted pregnancy glow you want. But all these blunders are easy to avoid with just a few changes to your skincare routine.

Mistake #1: Not exfoliating correctly

Chilly winter air can dry out skin and leave you ashy with patches of dry skin. To liven up your complexion, choose a gentle body exfoliant to buff away dead skin cells and reveal beautiful, polished skin.

At least once a week, use a toxin-free organic sugar scrub like The Spoiled Mama's Indulge Body Polish, which will nourish skin with cold-pressed oils and leave your body with a dewy sheen all day long.

The sugar scrub for stretch marks will also help alleviate itchiness from dry, stretching bellies, which aids in the prevention of stretchies. However, be careful to not over-exfoliate either. Especially for those with sensitive skin, frequent use of topical exfoliants can cause irritation and redness.

Mistake #2: Using light duty moisturizers for heavy duty jobs

Seasonal weather changes mean you should reassess your skincare changes accordingly. While your lightweight moisturizer is perfect during summer's balmy months, it probably won't cut it when winter's brutal cold and wind hits. Switch to heavier creams to make sure your skin is getting the nourishment it needs.

Our pick? For a pregnancy-safe body cream, The Spoiled Mama's Tummy Butter for stretch marks is the perfect mid-weight treatment to lock in skin's moisture. For the ultimate double whammy, try our pregnancy oil after showering. With more than 10 cold-pressed oils, Bump Gloss adds hydration and elasticity to make your skin feel younger and springier!

Mistake #3: Skipping sunscreen 

Just because the sun appears to be in hiding doesn't mean its harmful rays aren't doing their damage! Make sure to slather on SPF 30+ daily, and -- most importantly -- reapply every two hours. Pay special attention to SPF coverage if you're experiencing pregnancy hyperpigmentation (otherwise known as melasma or "the mask of pregnancy"), which can be exasperated with sun exposure.

Mistake #4: Forgetting the tiny details 

Beauty is all about paying attention to the little details. Cold weather can wreak havoc on the most sensitive parts on your body, like your lips, hair, hands and even nails. Listen to what your skin is telling you (it may change from week to week!), and adjust your routine as needed.

Mistake #5: Not getting enough H20

It's easy to guzzle down the water during sticky hot summer months; however, most of us tend to cut back on our water intake during the winter. Not only is water essential to your overall health, it helps hydrate your skin and make you look more radiant and glowing.

For pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, your water consumption needs will be slightly higher than average: Aim for 12+ eight-ounce glasses to keep yourself properly hydrated.

What's the most challenging beauty issue you have during the winter? How do you keep dry skin at bay? Share your stories and secrets below!


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