sugar scrub for stretch marks

Sugar Scrub for Stretch Marks


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The best gift for pregnant women to enjoy. Before the itchiness of a growing belly even begins, make sure she's equipped with a soothing, vegan cream.

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Sugar Scrub for Stretch Marks

Every expecting Mama chases the same three things: sleep, potty breaks, and that darn elusive pregnancy glow. If you’re struggling with dullness, stretch mark prevention or itchy bellies, we’ve got the secret solution for you: a stretch mark scrub. Sounds too good to be true?  Read on, nonbeliever.

A pregnancy stretch mark scrub tackles many pregnancy skin issues with one sugar-sweet solution. Sugar is a wonderful, all-natural exfoliant that can be used on face, body, feet and baby bump for silky smooth skin. More gentle than salt, sugar is a natural source of glycolic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that increases cell turnover for fresher, more youthful skin. As pregnancy tests the limits of your body, irritated and stressed skin can lead to dullness and extreme itchiness. And guess what happens when you’re constantly clawing at your skin for relief? Yes Mama, stretch marks.

To combat irritation, choose a body polish that contains the best organic sugar and pregnancy-safe ingredients. The best sugar scrub for stretch marks will feature the finest cold-pressed oils that are rich in vitamins and aids with moisture, elasticity and the healing of skin. For the best pregnancy stretch mark removal, treat your skin with a toxin-free tummy butter and pregnancy oil for early prevention and maximum protection.